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Environmentally Friendly

Your investment is strengthened not only by your capital but also by your environment. Protect nature with our environmentally friendly products.


Our products meet international quality standards and can be used all over the world without any problems.


Turkish Signature in Power Electronics Industry

UPSet Elektronik, located in Ataşehir, Istanbul, markets power electronics products produced by local engineers all over the world. Click for the rest of the news…

Mine Arapkirli Introduced the Latest Technologies at Asansör Istanbul

All the innovations of vertical transportation technologies were presented at Asansör Istanbul 2023. One of the prominent brands of the fair was UPSet Elektronik, which attracted attention with its deep-rooted history. Click for the rest of the news…

UPSet Elektronik, Employee in Turkey

Mine Arapkirli, General Manager of UPSet Elektronik, who was a guest of the Employee Turkey program, talked about uninterruptible power supplies and environmentally friendly energy products used in the industry and IT sector. Click for the rest of the news…

Sectors and Project Solutions


Turkey’s leading power electronics solutions offering the cheapest and highest quality UPS products with the assurance of UPSET you can review here. UPSET, which was established with completely domestic capital and continues on its way, offers domestic production UPSs, ie Uninterruptible Power Supplies, with the best price guarantee.


It is a tool that can keep the measurements of existing physical magnitude concepts such as pressure, speed, power and current constant at a certain level. It is used to keep the pressure, humidity and time values of ovens, stoves and similar products that we use in daily life at the desired level.
UPSET AVR 11 Series (1-50kVA) – Regulator, UPSet AVR 33 Series (3-150kVA) – Regulator, UPSet AVR 33 Hi Series – Regulator products, you can review UPSET’s uninterruptible power supplies here.


They are products used to save consumed energy. It helps to convert alternating current into direct current and direct current into alternating current. It is also used as a tool that helps adjust the frequency and voltage. Turkey’s leading power electronics solutions offering the cheapest and highest quality inverter products with UPSET assurance you can review our products here.


SNMP Module: Integrated with the software, the SNMP Module works as a communication solution for remote monitoring and management of the UPS.
Dry Contact: Provides an isolated dry contact signal, not connected to a voltage source, indicating any fault in the UPS. The relay contacts are completely isolated from the UPS and ground.


Batteries, which are part of the uninterruptible power supply, are mostly used in electrical and telephone switchboards, alarm and security systems, cable TV infrastructure, medical devices, ATMs and similar areas.
You can review the uninterruptible power supplies of UPSET, which includes Legend Battery product, here.

Special Products

Defender SFC Series Static Frequency Converter: UPSet Defender SFC Series Frequency Converters are designed to meet the requirements of Military and Civil 400 Hz Standards. The 400 Hz Static Frequency Converter converts the 50/60 Hz frequency supplied by the mains or generator into a 400 Hz frequency for the equipment connected to it. Structurally, the AC input voltage feeds the rectifier and the rectifier unit (rectifier) converts the AC voltage into DC voltage.


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