Defender – Pro Series is an on-line double conversion UPS with an isolated output transformer. Defender – Pro has a compact foot print and high quality output to provide the ultimate power protection for critical applications; data processing, telecommunications, industrial processes, security and electro-medical systems.

The Defender – Pro range includes models from 10 to 600 kVA. All models are avaliable with a 6 or 12 pulse rectifier. Also PFC ( Power Factor Correction) Technology is avaliable as an option to minimize input harmonic distortion (THDi) and to maximize input power factor.

UPSET UPS has been researching and developing UPS Technologies for critical applications, worldwide and for many years. UPSET UPS solutions are flexiable, offering the highest levels of availability, whilst achieving low total cost of ownership.

UPSET UPS are designed to be resillient, with key component inbuilt redundancy. The UPS are designed for ease of installation and maintenance, with bottom and top (optional) entry cable cabinet options, and simple but secure Access to connection terminals and communications interfaces.