•Micro Processor Controlled

•Static IGBT-PWM inverter

•Efficiency > %90

•Clear Sinusoidal Waveform VTHD < %2 •Galvanic Isolated Transformer •Emergency Stop Button •Isolated RS485 Communication Contact •Warning Memory with last 50 events •LCD panel, 4 rows by 20 characters •Output Power Factor: 0.8 Ind.- 0.8 Cap. •Input Power Factor: > 0,90 (>0,98 optional)

•Input Current THD: < %8 (<%5 optional) •By Soft Start compliant with generator [/av_textblock] [av_toggle_container initial='1' mode='accordion' sort='' av_uid='av-f9zofo'] [av_toggle title='Find Offer' tags='' av_uid='av-dg7pis'] Find the latest offers
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UPSet Defender SFC Series Frequency Converters are designed to meet the requirements of the Military and Civilian 400 Hz Standards.

A 400 Hz Static Frequency Converter converts the 50/60 Hz voltages supplied by mains or generator to the voltage and frequency of 400 Hz of the connected equipment. Structurally, the AC input voltage feed the rectifier. Rectifier converts the AC voltage to the DC voltage. And then this DC voltage is converted to the AC voltage by the inverter at required value of 400 Hz. Parts of the IGBT inverter (Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistor) are composed of switching elements and output filters. Pulse Width Modulation technique (PWM) uses high frequency components at 400Hz, to produce in a modulated way a sinusoidal output voltage. The high-frequency components provide correct waveform, so by using filters, a clean sinusoidal output waveform, which is free of harmonics, is generated. The above operations are completely controlled by a microprocessor.